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Welcome to Clickaway Creators, where Networking merges with Innovation, paving the way for Success and the growth of your business.

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Embark on a journey where the power of networking seamlessly intertwines with innovation, laying the foundation for unparalleled success and fostering the growth of your business. ClickAway Creators invites you to be part of an experience where connections flourish, ideas thrive, and success becomes a shared venture.


2 Global Events

Endless Extraordinary Journeys

"A hub where experts and entrepreneurs unite to transform dreams into reality. We're your dynamic platform for connection, collaboration, and growth. With a focus on innovation, professional development, and fruitful partnerships, we're your go-to destination. Whether you're seasoned or just starting, our events and sessions foster wisdom, ideas, and industry trends. Join us to forge lasting connections and turn knowledge into success. This is where dreams find their path to reality, and we're here to make it happen. Together, we create a brighter future for dreamers who dare to act."

Our Upcoming Events

Endless Extraordinary Journeys

ClickAway Creators have successfully conducted 5th Editions of the LexTalk World Global Conferences and are also gearing up to host the First Edition of the EdTalk World Global Conference by bringing together forward-thinking leaders and experienced professionals from the Global Education and Legal Industry.  


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18th - 19th July 2024

Lextalk World

LexTalk World: An international legal hub connecting in-house lawyers, law firms, legal tech professionals, and more. Facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering connections globally.


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December - 2024

Edtalk World

EdTalk World: Your go-to education hub. For educators, students, and policymakers. Join our global community for insights, webinars, and events like the EdTalk World Global Conference. We're here for every step of your education journey—shaping a brighter future together!

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Innovation reigns, ideas shine

ClickAwayCreators: A Gathering Place Where Innovation Reigns, Ideas Shine - Unveiling in Our Events!

Step into a realm where brilliant minds converge, and creativity knows no bounds. ClickAwayCreators is the destination where individuals come together to share their ideas and illuminate the path to innovation. Join us at the crossroads where creativity meets collaboration, and let your ideas shine bright - exclusively at our events.


Industries: Our offerings span a wide spectrum of industries, granting you access to the broader business landscape. Engage with professionals from various sectors and gain firsthand exposure to their knowledge and expertise.


In the realm of business, it's often not just about what you know but also who you know. If you aspire to see your business thrive, join us to establish meaningful connections with influential individuals who can offer guidance and reshape your approach to conventional business practices.


Our USP: In an age dominated by the allure of social media, we understand the significance of genuine face-to-face interactions. ClickAway Creators bridges the gap and provides you with the opportunity to connect in a live, in-person setting. We've taken care of all the logistics, so you can look forward to a gathering that combines learning with fun. After all, an exclusive focus on work can become tiresome.


Opportunities in business are often unforeseeable, but the key is to be prepared to seize them when they arise. Networking serves as a cost-effective method to promote your business. Expanding your network allows you to uncover new possibilities, grow your customer base, discover potential suppliers and employees, and even connect with investors and business partners.

Our Journey

4+ years

ClickAwayCreators boasts over four years of experience in event organization.

7 Conferences

successfully organized seven conferences to date.

5000+ Attendees

We attracted over 5000+ attendees from around the globe

600+ Organizations

Our events have witnessed participation from over 600+ diverse organizations.

What people say about our events


Raghvendra Verma

Group Head, Legal, Compliance and Company Secretary, ISON Group

The event was truly outstanding! In fact, bringing all people together under same roof and getting permission for event during this pandemic era was next to impossible but you guys did the same.

LexTalk World again proved that if you believe in yourself, entire universe will start believing you. Kudos to your entire team.

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