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Privacy Policy

We at ClickAway Creators are extremely concerned to protect your privacy and confidentiality.


  • The terms herein take their reference and meaning from the “Terms of Service” page on Our Website/s. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Terms of Service by reference. Nothing in this Privacy Policy shall be deemed to modify, waive, amend or rescind any other term of the Terms of Service. In case of a conflict between the terms of service and the privacy policy, the terms of service shall prevail over the privacy policy.


  • By using the Services or allowing someone to use the Services on your behalf, you are consenting to our collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage/retention in accordance with this Privacy Policy of any Personal Data, service request or other information received by us as a result of such use.


  • Except as needed for the Services, events, meetings purpose, connecting with the service providers/participants, for marketing, regulatory or statutory purposes, we do not sell any personally identifiable information collected at this site to anyone.


  • We collect your information while registration, filling forms, use of the services site, communicating with site members, admin, using content, content uploaded by you to our site. Information about your IP address, cookies and pages you visited is also received. This is done in order to provide you the best Services as agreed.


  • Here is a list of the information we collect and why it is necessary to collect it:


  • Basic identification and contact information, such as your name, designation, company name, services interest, events interest and contact details.

This information is used:

  • to provide you with the services/events you request;

  • to maintain our accounts; for billing;

  • to connect you with the service providers;

  • to enable us to answer your inquiries;

  • for verifying your identity for security purposes;

  • for marketing popular services/events;

  • for marketing our/our partners’ services and products;

  • to help make our web site as useful to you as possible;

  • Information which does not identify any individual may be used in a general way by us or third parties, to provide class information, for example relating to demographics or usage of a particular page or service.

Your domain name and e‑mail address

  • Your domain name and e-mail address are recognized by our servers and the pages that you visit are recorded. This information is used:

    • in a collective way not referable to any particular individual, for the purpose of quality control and improvement of our site;

    • to send you news about the services & popular events to which you have signed up;

    • to connect you with the service providers/event participants;

Financial information, including credit card details

  • This information is used to obtain payment for the event ticket services you have ordered. This information is never actually received by us. The page where this information is given by you is controlled by a third-party merchant service provider. Such information is automatically encrypted, and later decrypted for use. It never touches our system.

Information volunteered by you

  • Any information that you provide for a particular purpose, for example, a personal profile, survey, service request, event request, job application form or contest will be used exclusively for the purpose for which you have provided it.

Affiliate information

This is the information given to us in the course of your business and ours as you have applied to join our affiliate scheme. Such information is retained for business use only. We undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the information and of the terms of our relationship. This information is used:

  • to maintain our accounts and affiliate records;

  • for billing;

  • to enable us to answer your inquiries;

  • for verifying your identity for security purposes;

  • to send you news about the services to which you have signed up;

  • to tell you about other of our services.

Business information

  • This is the information given to us in the course of your business and ours such as in relation to your application to avail our services/events, partner with us or advertise with us. Such information is retained for business use only. We undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the information and of the terms of our relationship. We expect you and any partner to reciprocate this policy.

Links from Our Website

  • We have many pages containing external links. We are not responsible for the manner of use or misuse of information made available by you at such other websites. We encourage you not to provide your personal information, without assuring yourselves of the privacy policy of such linked websites.

How Secure is Your Information

  • We adopt appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information, username, password, transaction information and data stored by you on Our Website.

Our employees also sign confidentiality agreements to use your data for product enhancement, bug fixes and for services only.

Disclosure to Government

  • We are subject to the law like everyone else. We may be required to give information to legal authorities if they so request or if they have the proper authorization such as a search warrant or court order.

Hacking, Spamming, etc.

Information may be unlawfully available to hackers and snoopers. We take no responsibility for this. The risk is no different from a similar risk in a bricks-and-mortar establishment. In case your profile is public, or your details are in public domain on Our Website, you will receive unsolicited messages from other users and from external sources.


We understand that all users of our site are quite rightly concerned to know that their data will not be used for any purpose unintended by them, and will not fall into the hands of a third party. Our policy is both specific and strict. In addition, to maintain the following we protect our clients, by automatically entering into Data Processing Agreements/Model Clauses with each of clients and sub-processors. These agreements permit our clients to continue to transfer data to ClickAway Creators without disruption and binds our sub-processors to data processing best practices. We have already implemented a new Data Processing Agreement that satisfies the GDPR requirements and is a pre-requisite as an acceptance for the privacy policy. If you would like to suggest us to further improve our policy, please tell us at

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